Previous Decisions

Previous Decisions

Copies of decisions prior to the 2017 revaluation are listed below with links to the relative Minute of the Committee. Decisions on cases post the 2017 revaluation can also be found on the SVAC website:

Revaluation: Specification of Grounds of Appeal

Revaluation: Regulation 10(1) Valuation Appeal Committee, Etc (Scotland) Regulations 1995: Specification of grounds of appeal: Specification of alternative value and grounds therefor.

Revaluation: Application for Referral to Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Procedure: Recall of Dismissal: Regulation 15 of the Valuation Appeal Committee, Etc (Scotland) Regulations 1995

Revaluation: Comparison: Level of Increase

Revaluation: Hotel: Classification per Scottish Assessors Association Practice Note: Location Allowance: Entertainment Allowance

Revaluation:  New Entry:  Comparison

Revaluation: Hotel: SAA Practice Note: Location Allowance

Revaluation: Method of Valuation

Revaluation:  Shootings

Unum Quid

Material Change of Circumstances: Onus of Proof

Material Change of Circumstances: The Test